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Three-level Maintenance of Baking Equipment

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Specific Standard of Maintenance

Standard is the goal we pursue, that is to say that oven should conform to requirements in production technology, output and quality. Each part of equipment must reach the specified performance index, rotatable parts should run faultlessly and reliably and be flexible and reliable to operate and adjust. Heat system is perfect in structure, with heat indexes up to specification, electrical circuit or gas conduit is smooth, and the automatic device is right and flexible to move. The oven belt has well-distributed material, reasonable structure, moderate elasticity, cleanliness and smoothness, and accurate and smooth joints. The oven belt rollers are free to rotate and adjust up, down, left and right. Air exhaust system is unimpeded, making sure condensate not flowing back. The correction mechanism and alarm device for oven belt are sensitive and reliable. Heat insulation materials show great performance, there are no cracks or defects on oven wall. Lubricating devices are complete with oil ways smooth, no leakage. Bake oven is clean and flat no matter inside or outside is free from yellow oil firm, dust deposition and rust; safety device and protective cover are well equipped reliably.   

All of these are dispensable, because any one careless behavior will cause unpredictable results, nothing concerned with food is not important. Therefore, a set of strict three-level maintenance system is the most perfect prevention means or measures.


Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance refers to daily maintenance conducted by operators for baking equipment everyday; it has fewer items, mainly focusing on exterior of equipment, for example, cleaning, lubrication and screw fastening.

This asks for operators should carefully check each part of oven before or after shift, and uses different auxiliary devices according to products. They should check heat supply of oven heater, wipe each part and surface of oven to keep it clean, clear away fragments on oven belt, make oven belt loose during production halts, and refuel lubricating oil by rule. They fill records well, and eliminate any faults discovered during shift in time. Generally speaking, routine maintenance can be finished in the last 15 minutes before off work everyday, but earlier at weekend.


First-level Maintenance

First-level maintenance is regular inspection with more items that should be done mainly by operators with maintenance workers as assistants. It focuses on internal devices, making them clean, smooth and correct, about once a month. The work should be finished in one day, operators mainly need to detach part of oven, check or refit all parts structure, adjust gaps among all driving medium and bearings, clear away foreign matters, or change damaged parts in time. In addition, they should check and adjust the oven belt, see whether the heater or gas burner is normal and the power circuits or gas conduits are unblocked, check and clean all lubrication points to ensure lubrication and remove oil leakage, clean motor, examine or adjust electrical installations, making them quick-acting and reliable, clear wall exterior and the encloser, remove oil dirt, dust deposition or oil film on the surface of drive parts, so that the oven is entirely shining. 


Second-level Maintenance

Second-level maintenance is mainly performed by maintenance workers, with operators attended, focusing on regular and overall check for machines or change and repair of wear parts in a period of 6-12 months, and it takes 1-2 weeks to finish. At present, the major overhaul in most of factories is what we called second-level maintenance. It covers all items of first-level maintenance. For example, parts of baking oven should be detached for inspection and repair, to dismantle oven body, clean oven chamber and change heat-insulation materials, etc. It also requires us checking all transmission mechanisms, cleaning, changing oil, or repairing and replacing wear-out parts; checking and repairing all heaters and automatic control systems, making them firmly installed and ensuring safe and reliable production; examining and cleaning oven belt, making sure no cracks or crimps and keeping joints smooth and neat. If it is broken, it should be replaced partially or entirely, and it is necessary to oil it after cleaning. The last step is to clean the surface and surroundings of oven.

Like other baking equipment and ovens, can implement three maintenance, which is conducive to the establishment and consolidation of internal baking equipment use and maintenance of accountability, so that the device always in good condition. From the contents of which can be seen three levels, routine maintenance simple. Also the most important daily to do good, and can find a variety of equipment problems for maintenance.

People are an important factor for third-level maintenance, so this calls for us to allocate operators reasonably. To fully display equipment performance and make them running in the best state, all operators should keep in mind equipment performance, structure, processing range and maintenance technologies.

It is noticeable for bakery enterprises that three-level maintenance is based on strict regulations and systems. The maintenance is a process of correcting erroneous ideas at outset, the SOP for use and maintenance of baking equipment, and responsibility system and people systems are the guarantee for instructing operators and mechanic to make operation, maintenance and inspection in a right way. Only by regularizing behaviors can make management well in its true sense.

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