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Cautions for Fermenting Box-Baking Equipment

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Cautions for Fermenting Box-Baking Equipment

Do not make heating and then humidification manually, or humidity switch will be invalid.

The purpose of fermentation is to make dough having gas and swelling to get required volume and provide bread with better eating quality. Because most of gas in dough is squeezed out after shaping, in particular to after dough is pressed, rolled and flattened, gluten will become stiff and crisp as losing its flexibility, when the dough is put into oven, the bread will be small, with coarse internals, coarse particles and a crust on the top. It is better to ferment the dough after shaping if you want to make large and well bread, letting it having gas, flexible gluten and moderate size. 

The temperature for fermentation is commonly controlled at 35-38°C (except for barley), if the temperature is too high, the difference between inside and outside dough is larger, it is possible to make fermentation uneven, causing bad internals. At the same time, too high temperature will enable moisture on the surface of dough to evaporate too fast, and then the surface is crusted, while too low temperature will make fermentation longer, then the inner particles are coarse.

Generally, the humidity is about 80-85%. If it is too high, the bread baked looks dull, has tough surface and bubbles, so it is not fantastic to look and eat. If it is too low, the dough is easy to crust and loss surface elasticity, not well expanded in oven, light color, no gloss but more spots. However, 85% humidity can not form dew (100%), just a state like condensation.

The fermenting time, subject to reaching 80% -90% of finished products, is about 60 -90 minutes. If the time is too long, the bread will have not good internals, coarse particles, matte surface, terrible taste (too sour), short storage time. Once the flour is bad, the dough will shrink in the oven. If the fermentation is not enough, the bread is small, have a crust on top, bronzing surface, and overbaked at sides. The right fermentation time for each kind of bread should be determined by actual tests.

Before using fermenting box, should make sure the tank is filled with water first. Humidity and temperature are both relative values but not absolute, so it is necessary to adjust them as conditions in winter.


Routine Maintenance of Fermenting Box-Baking Equipment:

1.After use each time, should turn off power supply, and wipe it with a dry towel, keeping it clean.
2.Check whether all of fans run normally.
3.Check whether water pipe joints are well locked.
4.Check whether this is dough left in chamber after use.
Weekly Maintenance of Fermenting Box
1.Clear away residues or dirt therein to keep it free from peculiar smell.
2.Check whether its bottom seeps water or not.
3.Check drainage system, making it smooth.
4.Get ride of dirt on condenser.
Monthly Maintenance of Fermenting Box
1.Check whether the compressor works normally;
2.Open the water tank to clear scale away therein;
3.Clean Y-shaped threaded filter

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