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Maintenance of Tunnel Oven

Number of visits: Date:2014-07-19 11:42

It had better to be equipped with an exhaust duct extending to outside according to environment.

It needs cleaning once at least a week to ensure reliable operation, maintain testing quality.

It is necessary to clean air holes of the fixed lid for well ventilating and dissipating heat.

It is required to clean distributor for electric devices once a month, and check whether set screws get loose.

Main power should be isolated and off during maintenance.

Check whether the earthing wire is disconnected or not.

Check whether the overtemperature protector is set well.

Check whether temperature sensor cable falls off or not.

Gas in control box vent pipe and exhaust pipes in upper or lower boxes should be exhausted outside at the same time, lest dust in control box contaminates clean room, affecting the constant temperature of control box, causing electric parts broken earlier.

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