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Maintenance of Baking Equipment

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As we known that bakery products are seasonable. For example, pastry for the Spring Festival, traditional Chinese rice-pudding for Dragon Boat Festival, and moon cake for Mid-autumn Festival. When busy season is over, the bakery food factories will start equipment maintenance for use next time.


1、A Clear Understanding for the Features of Bakery Food Production

The equipment for bakery food industry becomes more and more sophisticated, because using high and new technologies will improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, increase added value, ensure food safety, and retain nutritional ingredients and flavor of food. Along with application of high and new technologies into baking equipment, the equipment performance is dramatically improved, and there are more and more sophisticated and humanized new equipment and new products coming out. By adopting electromechanical integration technologies and automatic optic, electric and hydraulic control technologies, highly-efficient equipment that is continuously running but not intermittently, specialized but not universalized, large-sized but not medium and small sized makes production lines realize continuous, professional operation, automatic adjustment and mass business, and greatly increases efficiency and economic benefits. As for production mode of bakery food, more and more enterprises change focus of quality guarantee from examination of final products traditionally to control over key points throughout the whole process, aiming at reducing errors in operation process, especially manmade or equipment errors to the lowest point, on the other hand, preventing unsanitary conditions that may cause pollution or product of inferior quality and losses caused by volume production of sub-quality products. One of main trends for technological development of baking equipment is to make baking technologies adaptive to all-process control requirements of quality safety. It is the basic to realize food processing and food safety by keeping equipment in line with requirements of bakery food quality and safety.


2、Focus on Maintenance and Repair, Prevention First, Combine Planned Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance

It is important to follow the policy of “Focus on Maintenance and Repair, Prevention First, Combine Planned Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance” for maintenance of baking equipment. For example, routine maintenance like refueling, cleaning, adjustment, fastening and anticorrosion should be well done after shutdown, check parts easy to maintain and key parts and keep them in good repair, rinse the exterior thoroughly, check wear pattern and change wear parts. Make refueling, lubrication and cleaning well; adjust fit clearance of each part and braking force, fasten all parts, examine all safety devices and reliability of steel wires. Carry out dynamic management according to abrasion and wear of processing equipment. Detach key parts to check and maintain in time, repair or replace wear-out or broken parts, make codes of pain and jet printing devices standard. Timely and effective maintenance will ensure applicability, system reliability, stabile operation of equipment, safety of man and machine, innocuous environment, reasonable structure, technological economical efficiency and standard management.


3、Leader Emphasizing, Clear Division, Assigned Responsibility

Enterprise leaders must stress on maintenance of baking equipment, and take it as a task regardless of labor power, material and financial resources. Different from general processing equipment, baking equipment should guarantee its assurance to food quality safety besides safety requirements for general equipment. Safety and sanitation are more superior to economic benefits, which are the key factors during maintenance. When the safety and sanitation measures conflict with economic benefit, we should give priority to safety and sanitation, because there is no safety and sanitation, there is no economic benefit of valuable significance. Therefore, safety and sanitation are the priority among priorities, and that requires us working out a practical maintenance plan and performing it strictly. We should adhere to “Leader Emphasizing, Clear Division, Assigned Responsibility” throughout the whole maintenance process.

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