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How to Choose the Oven Used For Pastry Baking?

May. 18, 2021

As a Rotary Oven Manufacturers, share with you.

The structure of the oven includes the height of the cabinet, the pipe layout, the volume, and the shelf. These four factors are the key to determining the quality of the oven. A reasonable oven structure makes the oven temperature more uniform and practical. Here, the optional part of the oven is the product structure part, and the second part is the product function part.

Deck Oven With Steam

Deck Oven With Steam

The importance of the oven is the temperature. The temperature is divided into uniform and correct temperature. The temperature uniformity is closely related to the oven structure. The correct temperature is related to the temperature regulator. The temperature accuracy can be adjusted by the temperature regulator, but the temperature cannot be adjusted if the temperature is uneven. Therefore, the structure of the oven at the time of purchase is more important.

1. Cabinet height: From the perspective of market acceptance, ovens with higher product heights are more likely to be welcomed by baking enthusiasts. In fact, ovens with square inner tanks sell better than flat ovens. Because the oven with the higher the cabinet height, the temperature uniformity in the cabinet is better than the flat electric oven, and the square oven is easy to bake large-volume food, such as toast. Generally speaking, a flat oven has a higher temperature than a square oven. Therefore, when consumers choose, they prefer to choose a square oven with a height of 300 mm or more.

2. Layout of household ovens currently on the market include straight tubes, u-tubes, m-tubes, double-u-tubes, etc. There are 4 tubes, 6 tubes, and 8 tubes in the tube. In fact, the cloth tubes in the oven are related to the uniformity of the oven temperature. Generally speaking, the greater the distance between the front and rear of the two heating tubes, the greater the temperature difference between the front and rear of the box. For electric ovens with a heat pipe distance of 80-120mm, too dense or too sparse will cause the horizontal temperature deviation of the cabinet. At the same time, please try to choose straight pipes. The temperature of the U-shaped or M-shaped tube at the junction becomes higher, and the temperature on the left and right sides of the box becomes uneven. At the same time, you can choose a 6-tube oven. Because the temperature inside the oven with 6 tubes is more even.

3. For baking enthusiasts, try to choose an oven above 25L. The larger the oven capacity, the lower the temperature in the oven, the more uniform the temperature, and the higher the quality of the baked food. On the contrary, the oven with less than 25L has a high temperature in the box, which is not conducive to the coloring of the food surface.

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