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Do you Know the Source of Fuel for the Oven?

Jan. 29, 2021

As a Rotary Oven Manufacturers, share with you.

Different ovens can use different fuels. The commonly used fuels include: wood, gas, coal, electricity, etc.

First, let's look at the wood-burning oven. If pizza is baked in a wood-burning oven, the appearance and taste will be different. The color after baking will be darker than that of pizza produced in other ovens, partly because of the effect of smoke, and partly because of the different wood materials. Due to the heat emitted by the stone surface, the crust of the bottom of the cake will be more crispy. It is also easier to clean up. You can use the ashtray to collect soot when cleaning.

Deck Oven with Steam

Deck Oven with Steam

The most commonly used wood-burning ovens are oak, apricot and walnut, but cherry and apple wood are also good choices. Never use fir unless you want your pizza to taste like wood. If your oven runs for ten hours a day, your fuel costs will be very expensive. Because wood is difficult to burn, it is necessary to keep them burning even at night. Because they require special ventilation ducts, you need special ventilation requirements in the kitchen. If you are considering using a wood-burning oven, one more thing is to preheat the oven one or two hours before use.

Gas ovens are probably the most commonly used. The gas burns cleanly and has stable performance in all aspects. Their recovery time (refers to the time to replenish the heat loss caused by the heat absorbed by the pizza and the opening and closing of the oven door) is faster.

Electric ovens basically have the same benefits as gas ovens. They do not require special ventilation ducts, but they are used in large quantities in production and electricity costs will be more expensive.

Infrared ovens are more energy efficient. They use infrared heating, but are a bit different from microwave technology. They use infrared waves to transfer heat to the baking tray or the surface of the baked pizza, instead of heating the food from the inside out. The difference between these ovens and microwaves is that they can brown and crisp the pizza crust, but they do not waste energy by heating the surrounding air. Other benefits of infrared technology are that the oven releases less heat to the kitchen and the operation is very quiet. But one disadvantage of the infrared oven is that it does not have an air agitator, so it cannot evaporate the water, but it retains most of the water when the pizza is baked, which can well retain the taste. Another thing to consider is that you need to use a flat-bottomed baking pan when baking, because an uneven baking pan will cause the pizza surface to be baked inconsistently.

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