Continuous cake mixer

Main electrical configuration lists: a. The inverter is South Korean LG; b. The pneumatic component is SMC
Product Description

Continuous cake mixer Features:

Main electrical configuration lists:

a、The inverter is South Korean LG

b、Tthe pneumatic component is SMC

c、Pre-mixed bucket is made of 304 stainless steel

d、The storage bucket is three layers of 304 stainless steel

e、The delivery pump is a vibration-free rotor pump

f、The hair cutting head is formed by wire cutting at one time.

g、Ice water machine compressor Japan Daikin

Main machines list:

(1) 1 piece of mixing tank

a、Pre-churning cylinder ,made of 304 stainless steel:

b、 Three-layer design, the inner insulation layer can be controlled by cold or hot water circulation, the outer insulation layer through special materials to keep the ideal temperature, can keep cold or insulated heat.

c、The bottom of the cylinder to prevent the bottom from sinking when the sugar powder is stirred and to protect the rotor pump.

d、Variable frequency motor drives rotating stirring ball.

e、The latest design of premixed reflux system, it can shorten the stirring time and prevent flour from gluten.

f、PLC system controls the stirring program,will save memory automatically.

(2) 1 piece of Rotor pump

a、Sino-German fixed speed rotor pump 304 stainless steel housing, stainless steel support can be adjusted easily.

b、Stainless steel pipes are specially designed into single layer.

c、The valve are designed as butterfly shape, the joint connector are easy to clean.

(3) 1 piece of storage tank

a、Storage cylinder made of 304 stainless steel

b、The three layers design make the inner insulation layer can be controlled by cold water or hot water circulation. The outer insulation layer is made of special material to ensure that the temperature stability, also has the effect of cooling or heat insulation.

c、Storage tank bottom 60 degree conical design to increase slurry fluidity.

d、Double filter design, connect mixing head, double insurance, ensure the normal operation of the equipment: butterfly valve and drain design, easy to clean.

e、Stainless steel support makes the height adjust simply.

(4) 1 piece of Screw pump

a、German imported screw pump has variable frequency speed stainless steel support can be freely adjusted.

b、Controlled by frequency converter, relevant parameters are displayed on the control panel.

c、Related pipes are 304 stainless steel material, it connects the screw pump and mixing head.

(5) 1 piece of Inflator

a、The mixing hook made of 304 stainless steel, rotor and stator are all designed for a wolf tooth rod with an effective volume of 6 L;

b、Both rotor and stator can be cooled or heated:

c、Special mechanical seal (silicon steel and graphite structure)

d、Inlet pressure regulating valve for mixing hook.

e、Mixing hook is frequency conversion driven.

f、Mixing hook is provided with a drain port,the discharge sewage can be opened after cleaning

g、Mixing hook are inverter controlled, relevant parameters are displayed on touch screen

h、The pressure over-pressure of mixing head, automatic stop alarm can be displayed in real time.

I、P65 national waterproofing standards

(6) 1 piece of Water chiller,1 piece of Filter,1 piece of Insulation pipe

a、1 filters.

b、1 liquid flowers.

c、1 stainless steel pipes.


(7) 1 piece of 6T cleaning pump

a、6T represents a maximum water flow of 6 t/h:

b、Hose joint on the cleaning pump is connected to the pipe of the inflatable machine through the food grade hose.

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