Rotary Convection Oven

Mysun Rotary oven are designed by turntable rotating bottom, the baking chamber is made of stainless steel, it is easy to maintenance. Rotary Convection Oven adopts the single door with double heat reflecting glass, to make sure the best sealing, it was specially designed gasket on the door-frame.
Product Description

Mysun rotary oven

Mysun bakery Rotary rack oven are designed by turntable rotating bottom, the baking chamber is made of stainless steel, it is easy to maintenance. Rotary Convection Oven adopts the single door with double heat reflecting glass, to make sure the best sealing, it was specially designed gasket on the door-frame. Large steel heat exchangers keep warm better and lower fuel consumption. Adopt steam generators on feed wall with an excellent air distribution system(multiple channel) to make sure better baking performance. For good vision, there are also Illuminating elements in the door.

Rotary oven can bake more evenly, operate simply and safety. Mysun rotary oven adopts thick and overlapping insulation area which keeps the heat inside. Large heat-reflecting glass window and effective internal light provide better observation of the baking process inside the oven.

Mysun Rotary ovens have three different energy sources,electricity, diesel and gas. It's available to different industry cooking.

What are rotary ovens and how do they work

The rotary oven is one of the most important parts of today's bread making equipment. First, cut the dough that is going to be used to make bread into small pieces and put them in a tray. Then put the pallet in a wheeled pallet car and put it in the oven. With wheels, it is easy to put the trays in the rotary oven and then remove them from the rotary oven after cooking. Adjust the cooking temperature of the oven, the amount of steam in the oven and the cooking time, and close the rotary oven door to start the cooking process. During baking, the pallet truck rotates at a constant speed. Therefore, each product is cooked equally. Through this rotation again, each point of each product is evenly cooked, so that one side is not cooked and the other side is half-cooked.

The amount of bread produced in a rotary oven may be several times that of a traditional oven. Placing the tray on top can increase the amount of bread produced in a unit area. The bread production capacity of each brand and model may vary. An ordinary rotary oven can produce 2000 to 3000 breads in 8 hours. In some models, this number is up to 5000. The purchase price of the oven is directly proportional to the bread production capacity. Therefore, when choosing a rotary oven, it is best to consider the expected bread output and choose the most suitable rotary oven. Similarly, the area to be covered by the rotary oven in the working environment must also be considered.

The heat and steam distribution of the oven must be done well in the rotary oven. Emphasize again the materials and design to make the temperature distribution uniform. The rotary oven manufacturer continues to conduct research and development activities in heat and steam distribution.

The internal cabin temperature of the rotary oven with rotating trolley can be as high as 1000 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the materials used in the engine room should not dissolve at high temperatures. Similarly, in terms of cooking quality, steam needs to be humidified in the cabinet. Therefore, the materials used must also be stainless steel. Generally, high-temperature corrosion-resistant steel is used. In addition, the wheels of the pallet truck in the control room must be made of fireproof materials.

After the cooking process is over, prevent the steam and heat in the rotary oven from spreading to the work area. If these steam and heat spread into the work environment, it will not only force the work environment to put pressure on employees, but also affect the flour and other materials in the workplace. Many rotary ovens have an air extractor that can filter out hot air and steam.

There are many companies that produce rotary ovens, and many models of these companies are on the market. When companies choose the most suitable brand and model for themselves, multiple parameters must be considered. The most important factors among these parameters are the quantity of bread to be produced per unit time, brand reliability, dense service network, purchase cost, and energy consumption.

The advantages of our rotary oven

Able to adapt to current food trends

Keep up with changing tastes and new dietary trends

Durable and safe

From the moment it arrives, you know that the rotating rack oven will continue to cook for years to come.

At the same time, we can carry out numerical control control to finely control the oven for more delicious baking

Features of rotary oven

Precision airflow

All Baxter Rotary Rack Ovens feature our unique airflow system, which ensures that the installation of ceiling fans eliminates cold and hot air pockets.

Steam control

This air flow, combined with our patented free-standing steam system, provides uniform heat and moisture dispersion, which in turn provides perfectly consistent results-from top to bottom; side by side.

digital control

The advanced control can store up to 99 formulas, automatically turn on preheating/preset and automatically turn off. New easy-to-use smart touch control improves production efficiency through energy consumption monitoring and recipe management

Heavy frame

The heavy-duty rack elevator/rotor can handle the heaviest baking and baking loads.

Rotary Convection Oven Characteristic

- Selective control panel mechanical and digital

- Double heat reflecting glass door

- Oven shipped in completely assembled

- Automatic steam exhaust system (Fast Air)

- Multiple air distribution channel system

- Integrated electric board with front access

- With exhaust fan and grill cover on top

ItemModelPowerCapacityTray sizeDimension(cm)Weight
Diesel rotary ovenMS-RC16D3KW1 rack 40*60cm16layers40*60cm102*185*2251050kg
MS-RC32D3KW1 rack 60*80cm16layers40*60cm/60*80cm195*210*2451650kg
MS-RC64D4.5KW2 racks 60*80cm16layers40*60cm/60*80cm215*310*2452650kg
Gas rotary ovenMS-RC16G3KW1 rack 40*60cm16layers40*60cm102*185*2251050kg
MS-RC32G3KW1 rack 60*80cm16layers40*60cm/60*80cm195*210*2451650kg
MS-RC64G4.5KW2 racks 60*80cm16layers40*60cm/60*80cm215*310*2452650kg
Electric rotary ovenMS-RC16E30KW1 rack 40*60cm16layers40*60cm102*185*2251050kg
MS-RC32E45KW1 rack 60*80cm16layers40*60cm/60*80cm195*210*2451650kg
MS-RC64E80KW2 racks 60*80cm16layers40*60cm/60*80cm215*310*2452650kg

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